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Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation

Our Bachelor of Business Administration course with aviation integration offers a unique blend of business education and specialized knowledge in the aviation industry. Students will acquire a strong foundation in business principles while gaining insights into the intricacies of aviation management, enabling them to pursue diverse career opportunities at the intersection of business and aviation.

About This Course

Our course content for the Bachelor of Business Administration with aviation encompasses a comprehensive range of subjects, including management principles, accounting fundamentals, airport operations, and language skills. Students will develop a well-rounded understanding of business management, acquire financial acumen, gain insights into airport operations, and enhance their language proficiency, equipping them with a versatile skill set for success in the dynamic field of aviation and business.


Our certification holds immense value as it is conferred by prestigious institutions such as IGNOU and CTDS, both of which are recognized by the central government. Moreover, our certification is also endorsed by prominent organizations like NSDC and Skill India, further validating the quality and industry relevance of our programs.


This Course Include

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